GeneWhisper is developing a fast, easy-to-use platform, applying computational prediction, experts opinion, and machine learning to provide a dynamic end-to-end variant interpretation and classification based on ACMG guidelines, targeting research, clinical labs, and drug development to revolutionize precision medicine.



We aim to universally improve the quality of genetic testing by advancing the science of genetic variant classification. We constructively engage genetics health care consumers, genetics laboratories, and third party payers on the science and application of genetic variant classification.Genetic variant classification is the process of evaluating whether a specific change in a person’s DNA is responsible for disease. Variant classification utilizes existing scientific literature, ongoing research studies, and public and private databases to determine the effect of a genetic variant.

We are a group of ACMG board-certified and PhD scientists, bioinformatician, as well as highly trained clinical geneticists with extensive experience in molecular diagnostics, variant interpretation, and variant classification, who are enthusiastic about revolutionize the future of precision medicine and patient care.


GeneWhisper combines manual genomic interpretation and machine learning technology together, helping clinical labs and pharmaceutical companies tap into the enormous potential of high throughput genome sequencing. Yet technology alone cannot solve the challenge of interpreting large amounts of data to target variants of interest.

It is the application of GeneWhisper’s clinical expertise that drives development of the unique algorithms that enable more accurate, rapid discovery of ACMG qualified variant classifications for both germline and somatic variants.

Clinical Labs

GeneWhisper gives clinical labs access to the unmatched sensitivity and specificity profiles of GeneWhisper technologies, tuning out noise and false positives from genome data to quickly pinpoint on variants of clinical relevance.

GeneWhisper is a robust and scalable solution built to support population genomics efforts. With GeneWhisper, it is now possible to work with whole exome or genome data across large patient populations.

Speed and accuracy are paramount when diagnosing patients. GeneWhisper gives clinical labs access to the unmatched sensitivity and specificity profiles of GeneWhisper interpretation technologies. GeneWhisper helps users quickly pinpoint on variants of clinical relevance and avoid costly false positives.

Drug Development

GeneWhisper Biomarker Discovery Service enables pharmaceutical companies to use genome data to develop more precise therapeutic targets or biomarker discovery, with smaller sample sizes at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.

Patient Portal

GeneWhsiper offers direct-to-consumer variant interpretation service. We have a team of highly trained variant curators and a user-friendly proprietary platform including innovative technologies that are thoroughly vetted for accuracy and reproducibility in genetic variant interpretation and classification.

We also provide the most up-to-date tracking of scientific literature and frequency data. Our proprietary platform will speed up the job of researching literature, mining of various genetic databases, and in silico modeling tools to predict how a variant might affect the patient.

Perfect for consumers or clinicians who wish to track variants of interest and have the most up-to-date scientific literature, interpretation, and classification, which may lead to better quality healthcare.


GeneWhisper fosters partnerships and collaborations to improve healthcare and reduce costs by facilitating improved diagnostic accuracy and earlier interventions, optimizing therapeutic approaches and reducing adverse drug reactions.


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