GeneWhisper is developing a cloud-based marketplace, which utilizes genomic and health data, artificial intelligence driven analysis, and smart-contract technology to reward people for sharing the data that they already own while contributing to medical research and development that saves lives.


As personal genomic data has risen in popularity; the data has become fragmented as each company looks to maximize their individual profit from this data. There is currently little incentive for consumers to contribute their DNA and health information to a third-party database. There are also multiple privacy, security, and trust issues that limit broad participation.
GeneWhisper’s platform will advance genomic data growth by significantly reducing the costs of personal genome sequencing, enhancing genomic data protection, enabling buyers to efficiently acquire genomic data, and addressing the challenges of genomic big data.

GeneWhisper is a community owned database that rewards individuals for contributing their DNA and other medical information in the database. Contributions entitle members to a share in the profits from medical research and discoveries. The proceeds flow back to the community like dividends as researchers pay to access the data for discovery.


GeneWhisper accomplishes data democratization through decentralization, cryptography, and utilization of the blockchain technology. As the genomic database grows, it will become increasingly valuable to the medical research industry.
Furthermore, GeneWhisper’s companion diagnostics feature would be relayed to pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, and physicians who would use the actionable reports to identify treatment plans or clinical trials for their cohort.

Clinical Interpretation

GeneWhsiper offers direct-to-consumer variant interpretation service. We have a team of highly trained variant curators and a user-friendly proprietary platform. The innovative technologies are thoroughly vetted for accuracy and reproducibility in genetic variant interpretation and classification.

Speed and accuracy are paramount when diagnosing patients. GeneWhisper gives labs access to the unmatched sensitivity and specificity profiles of GeneWhisper interpretation technologies. GeneWhisper helps users quickly pinpoint variants of clinical relevance and avoid costly false positives.

We also provide the most up-to-date tracking of scientific literature and frequency data. Our proprietary platform will speed up the job of researching literature, mining of various genetic databases, and in silico modeling tools to predict how a variant might affect the patient.


GeneWhisper fosters collaborations to improve healthcare and reduce costs by facilitating improved diagnostic accuracy and earlier interventions, thereby optimizing therapeutic approaches and reducing adverse drug reactions. Please contact us below for more information.



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